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Start-up Born in UMD FPE Receives $1.2M Investment from Newly Established Maryland Momentum Fund
MF Fire, created by FPE Alumni Ryan Fisher and Taylor Myers, is the recipient

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UMD Researchers Develop New Method for Electrogenic Devices to Control Cell Behavior
Team’s discovery links electronics with cell behavior in new method of controlling biology

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UMD Welcomes New VP for Research, Unveils New Vision for Strategic Impact
Dr. Laurie E. Locascio joins UMD to lead the Division of Research

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UMCP and UMB Celebrate 10 Years of Collaboration and MPowering the State
UMB Hosts 10th Annual Joint Research and Innovation Seed Grant Program Celebration

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University of Maryland Announces Unprecedented Investment from the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation
Building Together: An Investment for Maryland Will Transform UMD Through $219,486,000 Gift.


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