Clarivate Recognizes University of Maryland Researchers as Highly Cited

Clarivate Recognizes University of Maryland Researchers as Highly Cited

Twenty-seven University of Maryland researchers have been recognized in Clarivate’s Highly Cited Researchers 2021 list.

The list is produced each year by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) at Clarivate. ISI maintains the knowledge corpus upon which the Web of Science index and related data and services are built. The list includes influential researchers from around the world who have been the most frequently cited in their fields in the past decade, producing multiple papers ranking in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science. In 2021, only 0.1% of the world’s researchers received this recognition, a total of less than 6,700. Those on the list span 21 different research fields, and many disciplines, contributing to innovations in science, social science, and citation analysis. 

A total of 27 researchers were recognized with affiliation from the University of Maryland, College Park. These researchers include:

Martha Anderson: Cross-Field

Alberto Bolatto: Space Science 

Chaoji Chen: Materials Science 

Ji Chen: Cross-Field 

Jiaqi Dai: Materials Science 

Kuishuang Feng: Cross-Field 

Louis Giglio: Geosciences  

Matthew Hansen: Environment and Ecology

Liangbing Hu: Materials Science 

George Hurtt: Cross-Field 

G. Page Kyle: Cross-Field

Zhanqing Li: Geosciences

Christopher Monroe: Physics

Douglas Morton: Cross-Field 

Yifei Mo: Cross-Field

Michael Gerard Pecht: Engineering 

Peter Potapov: Environment and Ecology

Ben Poulter: Environment and Ecology

Yiping Qi: Plant and Animal Science

David Paul Roy: Geosciences

Sankar Das Sarma: Physics 

Steven J. Smith: Geosciences 

Dennis vanEngelsdorp: Plant and Animal Science

Eric Vermote: Cross-Field

Chunsheng Wang: Material Science 

Qin Wang: Agricultural Sciences 

Yonggang Yao: Cross-Field 

For more information, download Clarivate’s Highly Cited Researchers 2021 Report.

November 18, 2021

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