Q. How does SPAC service the Research Community?
A. SPAC is UMD’s designated post award office responsible for handling the financial aspects of awards associated with sponsored projects.  They service the research community by handling financial reporting and billing, audits, financial compliance, indirect cost and other post-award matters. Please see 
Roles and Responsibilities for details on SPAC services.
QWhere can I find information on various types of sponsored agreements?
A. In our training section you will find the characteristics and full definitions of various types of sponsored agreements 
Q. I received a notice that my award has been set up in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), can I start spending on my award?
A. Departments should first read the terms and conditions of the agreement to understand when spending should begin on the award and determine what expenditures are allowable and allocable. For guidance on interpreting terms and conditions, please contact your assigned SPA 
Financial Administrator or Financial Compliance.  Also, please see Award Management for additional details.
Q. Is a gift a Sponsored Agreement? How can I receive assistance?
A. In general, gifts are charitable donations for a general or specific purpose, i.e. endowed chairs, scholarships with expectation of acknowledgement of sponsor in return.  Financial accounting and reporting are not expected with gifts. For specific questions, contact General Accounting, ext. 52633 for guidance.
QCan I send a general email question to Sponsored Programs Accounting, Cost Accounting or Financial Compliance?
A. Yes. Each unit in SPAC has a designated email address:
Sponsored Programs Accounting:
Cost Accounting: spac.cost@umd.edu
Financial Compliance: spac.compliance@umd.edu
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