Q. My agreement states that a financial report is required. Who should prepare?

A. SPA Financial Administrators are responsible for submitting all financial reports per terms and conditions of the award.  The financial report is based on information from the University’s official accounting system, Kauli Financial System (KFS). If your award requires special financial reporting requirements, contact SPA.

Q. What is an AANA?

A. AANA’s are Advance Account Number Authorization and the mechanism used to establish a KFS account prior to receipt of authorized sponsored award.  Departments should consult with their ORA Contract Administrator for guidance.  Guidance for use of AANA's can be located on ORA’s webpage.

Q. I recently learned that my PI is going to another University and wants to take his research to the new institution. What should I do?

A. Award transfers requires coordination between various stakeholders, PI’s department, ORA, SPA, Sponsor and new institution.  Department should promptly contact ORA to initiate transfer. ORA will work with SPA to obtain award balances and submission of award transfer requests to sponsor.

Q. What is the difference between an encumbrance and an expense?

A. An encumbrance are funds that have been reserved on the project for future cost commitments.  An expense is a charge that has been paid on an account.

Q. There is revenue posted to my award. Why?

A. This could occur for several reasons; conferences where fees are collected for registration otherwise known as program income or sponsor prepaid the award amount in advance.  For specific information, contact the SPA Financial Administrator (link to SPA contacts)

Q. How do I find out how much money is left on my sponsored award?

A.  Review the account in KFS at kfs.umd.edu. Please contact SPA Financial Administrator for assistance with interpreting KFS details.   


Q. What actions should I take to initiate a cost transfer request? Is there a specific form that needs to be completed, and where can I locate the form?

A. Cost transfers require expedient processing in KFS. Once a PI and/or departmental administrator have identified costs to be moved, a request needs to be initiated in KFS.  SPAC reviews and approves all cost transfers related to sponsored project accounts. General Accounting reviews and approves non-sponsored accounts cost transfers. Additional details on cost transfers may be found in the cost transfer guidance.







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