SPAC Matrix

CATEGORY TASK / RESPONSIBLE UNIT SPA    Fin.    Comp. Cost ORA PI/Dept Div. of Research Comptroller
Accounts Rec. Receive/Deposit/Record Sponsored Program paper checks x            
Accounts Rec. Collect/Record Sponsored Program funds (ACH, Letter of Credit) x            
Accounts Rec. Record RSTAR payments (State of Maryland fund between agencies) x            
Accounts Rec. Prepare and submit Sponsored Program Invoices x            
Accounts Rec. Monitor and pursue collection of overdue payments from sponsors   x          
Audit Coordinate and annual Single Audit (A-133)   x         x
Audit Coordinate Sponsor related site vists, reviews, investigations and audits   x          
Audit Provide/coordinate support and/or source documentation as requested by Auditors x          
Audit Respond to audit inquires/recommendations and findings   x       x  
Audit Assist with Sponsor related Internal and Legislative audits/inquiries   x         x
Audit Prepare Schedule of Federal Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)   x          
Award Mgmnt. Oversee Non-sponsored accounts         x   x
Award Mgmnt. Review and Approve Salary/Non Salary Transfers on Sponsored Programs x            
Award Mgmnt. Identify/Mange and report Program Income x     x x    
Award Mgmnt. Handle questions regarding allowability & allocability of sponsored project expenses x x x x   x  
Award Mgmnt. Rebudeting       x x    
Award Mgmnt. Distribute Deficit Reports   x          
Award Mgmnt. Monitor 90-Day Memo Requirement for Expense Transfers x            
Award Mgmnt. Assign KFS Sponsored Program account numbers x     x      
Award Mgmnt. Fund Cost Share Accounts   x          
Award Mgmnt. Monitor Effort Reports     x        
Award Mgmnt. Monitor Cost Share accounts x x          
Award Mgmnt. PI Transfer to another Institution x x   x x    
Award Mgmnt. Manage Salary Cap x   x   x    
Award Mgmnt. BA-3/4 Software         x x  
Award Mgmnt. Non-standard terms and Conditions x x   x x    
Award Mgmnt. Sponsored Program stop work orders x x   x x x  
Award Mgmnt. Resolve issues related to unreconciled accounts x x     x    
Award Mgmnt. Disposition of Sponsored Program Property   x         x
Closeout Prepare and submit final financial reports x            
Closeout Prepare and submit non-financial reports       x x    
Closeout Subaward closeout       x x    
Closeout Monitor Non-Financial final reports   x   x x    
Closeout Final Sponsored Program Closeout x x     x    
Compliance Handle Fiscal Irregularities   x       x  
Overhead Prepare F & A Rate Proposal     x        
Pre-Award Approve significant project designation for Clerical and Administrative cost   x   x      
Pre-Award Request pre-award spending/establish advance account number authorization       x      
Pre-Award Finding Funding Opportunities       x      
Pre-Award Proposal Preparation/Submission       x      
Pre-Award Regulatory Requirements, protocols and approvals       x   x  
Pre-Award Provide institutional review and approval of proposal       x   x  
Rates Establish/Monitor Service Centers     x        
Rates Establish University Rates (Animal Care etc.)     x        
Reporting Prepare and submit Sponsored Program Financial Reports  x            
Reporting Monitor Sponsored Program Non-Financial Compliance              
Reporting Handle Property Reports for Sponsored Programs   x          
Subs Approve subrecipient invoices         x    
Subs Complete Subrecipient Monitoring (A-133) Forms   x   x      
Subs Complete Subrecipient Pre-Assessment Forms   x   x      
Training Sponsored Program Training x x x x   x  



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