Sangeetha Madhavan Publishes New Research On Families’ Economic Inequalities In Sub-Saharan Africa

Sangeetha Madhavan Publishes New Research On Families’ Economic Inequalities In Sub-Saharan Africa

The Department of African American Studies proudly announces that Department Chair, Sangeetha Madhavan, and colleagues have recently published new research addressing economic inequality and divergence in family formation in Sub-Saharan Africa. This research is essential due to its further call to action for more research to be done at the intersection of socioeconomic and demographic inequality. This is necessary in order to prevent negative social and health consequences, as well as inform any policy levers.

In the research by Dr. Madhavan and her colleagues, they share that, “Existing research offers reason to expect that rising inequality in sub-Saharan Africa will correspond with divergence in union and family formation between socioeconomic groups”. As such, they continue stating “Our findings show evidence of growing social stratification in key demographic processes—a reality that will carry implications for future social progress, demographic change, and intergenerational social mobility”

To learn more about this research - that explores the lure of economic opportunity, answering the question of “how” and “why” there is a widening cultural gap between the rich and the poor in Sub-saharan Africa, and also how this research forewarns of Sub-saharan Africa families changing moving forward - click on the “PDF” below in the reference section.


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STOEBENAU, K., MADHAVAN, S., SMITH-GREENAWAY, E. and JACKSON, H. 2021. Economic Inequality and Divergence in Family Formation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Population and Development Review (Supplement) 00: 1–26. (XXX 2021) PDF

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October 19, 2021

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